Sep 29, 2020

Partner Spotlight: Jodi Bayley Hanes

We are lucky that we have so many amazing partners as part of the Life Activated Brands family. This month we want to talk about Jodi. When she joined us, her husband had lost his income. In just the 8 weeks that Jodi had joined us,  her average weekly pay was exactly the income her husband had lost. Jodi has essentially been able to now retire her husband, remove the extreme financial stress, and is now working towards replacing her income.

She realizes this is not an overnight success story but it is a SUCCESS STORY! She realizes there is now a possibility for her and her family and that SHE is in control of the outcome! We were lucky enough to sit down and get to know Jodi a bit more and ask her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say:

What’s your name and where are you from?
Jodi Bayley Hanes, from Renfrew, Ontario Canada

How did you hear about Life Activated Brands and what made you want to become an IBO?
Melissa Collins called me about Life Activated Brands, prior to the company releasing the product in Canada, and said THIS COMPANY is it, it’s amazing!  You need to get in and get a spot !!  So being we have been in business before and I knew she had done her research and knew what she was talking about.  So I got my spot right away!  I have always wanted a home business, but more recently looking for time and financial freedom for my husband and myself, from the constant, living paycheck to paycheck and debt.


How has becoming an IBO impacted your life and what are your personal goals as an IBO?
Becoming an IBO and building this business has changed so much for us, my husband had been laid off, and then with COVID, there was no chance of being called back. 

Since Livology launched in Canada we have replaced his income and no longer panic about him finding work or getting called back !

This has been and was our # 1 goal, which we achieved, not working on my retirement from J.O.B.  My goal would be to be debt-free and financially free

Which product is your favorite? 
Oh, that is a hard one, I don’t think I can pick just one!  (LIVologu) Activate and (LIVology) Sleep have made such a difference but the cleanse and tea have changed so much for me as well … I don’t think I can pick one !!

Which product do your customers love?
Activate is high on the list as well as the Sleep

Any advice to those who are thinking about becoming an IBO?
DO NOT WAIT!  And you CAN do this, doesn’t matter your background or education, you CAN do this.  Follow the Daily Work Flow and never quit… success is right around the corner.

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Anything else you would like to add or say about LAB, being an IBO, or just want people to know?
This is not my first network marketing company, but I can tell you it is the best as far as products, compensation plan, and the community.  The compensation plan is set up for success for all, no matter how much extra money you may be looking for and the community, support, and training is second to none.  

Jodi said YES to a new venture working from home, one that gave literally a checklist of things to do that with consistency she could see results! This wasn’t a job she was hired for, there are no prerequisites, just a small investment (you need a phone and internet). Are you ready to partner with us?

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